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Table Lamps

Table lamps are an amazing addition to any space and choosing the very best is bound to give you a stunning look. There are so many stunning modern table lamps that you can choose at VIVIDOR Lighting. Although we think of table lamps as a functional accessory that should be placed on a work desk, this is not always the case. They can also be stylish accessories for other rooms and other elements of interior design; you can place them on hall tables, a living room coffee table, and night stands in bedrooms. Table lamps are generally best to be placed in the corner of the room next to a table, dressing table or a sofa. If you want to place it next to a sofa, the best choice would be a dual table lamp so that you can position one “arm” of it toward ceiling and other “arm” according to your current needs. Another versatile option is a table lamp which you can rotate and thus create light effects according to your individual needs.

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Soculd steampunk table lamp

If you are looking for the perfect stylish addition to your retro industrial interior design, this table lamp will be the ideal addition to your study, lounge or coffee table in the living room. It is incredibly attractive and will instantly draw everyone's attention to the table where you post it.
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